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Our site is dedicated to those who drive and maintain Porsche's 356 model.

Our mission is to enhance existing documentation to improve the owner's mechanical knowledge and ownership enjoyment.

You have heard a "Picture is Worth a Thousand Words", ....Well, we have taken that a step further using animation to further enhance the documentation, hopefully shorten the learning curve and increase your knowledge of how your 356 works.

Our plans are to complete each major component (electrical, brakes, fuel system and some engine functions.) for each model before moving on to the next model. The idea is to create animated visuals that will help you understand the how the real "perfect driving machine" works.

Again, our mission is to enhance existing documentation and ownership enjoyment.

Here is what some people have said:

"I needed a good reference for my 1957 356A and was directed to the right place. My biggest problem were the color coding. You reference charts made a three hour job into my 15 minutes. Your an asset to the registry. Thanks again." - 356 Registry Member - Long Island, New York

"These are really great. Thanks for all the hard work!!" - 356 Registry Member

"Love your site. I have owned 356's for about 30 years and there is more info now then ever before." - 356 Registry Member

Below are samples of our work.

How to use the wiring schematics

The buttons at the bottom of each schematic represents the various knobs and switches within your 356. Each button creates a specific action. In the above example, the Interior Light Switch and its functions are represented by three buttons. Opening and closing the car doors is also represented by three buttons.

The "Off" button represents the "off" position of the Interior Light Switch.

The "Manually Operated" button places the light switch in manual mode (switch moves upward) and the interior light comes on.

Selecting the "Door Operated" button places the Interior Light Switch in the down position. Now you can use the door buttons to open left, right or both doors to activate the interior light. Select "Close Doors" button to turn the interior light off.

In other wiring schematics there are buttons that you will hold down simulating a brake pedal or a "flash" function. When you hold down these buttons, watch the circuit draw themselves, completing the circuit and creating the action.

The Parts Manuals


The part manuals are "mouse over" animation. Just place your mouse over the part you would like to identify and a "tool tip: will appear.

Again, have fun, we hope they help and if you think about it, tell us what you think.

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